Emergency Health Response to Gorkha and Dhading

26 April, 2016

The massive earthquakes of Nepal i.e. of April 27 (7.6 magnitude) and another aftershock of May 12 (7.1 magnitude) had lead the death of 8,676 people and has injured 21,952 people. Not only this, 500,717 people have lost their shelter and 269,190 people houses had been partially damaged. Apart this, temblor did not only take away the life and the property of the people, it had also dragged people in traumatic situation. On top of this, the continuous aftershocks was making people more psychologically week.

In such precedential devastating situation, there was a need of immediate support for rescue, temporary shelter such as tents, food, etc, including the medical treatment to injured people. But, due to the damage caused by the quake in highways with continuous landslides, in many part of Nepal, it became really difficult for the government as well as other national and international organizations to reach up to the affected areas. Nonetheless, putting the life in risk, NFDF team members mobilized on the second day of major earthquake for emergency health response to Gorkha and Dhading.

Our Clinical team examined around 100 patients in Gorkha and Dhading of which 50% were directly affected by earthquake. The majority of them had musculoskeletal pain and cut injury requiring dressing.