Initiated the Edutenting program

26 April, 2016

Recent earthquakes have affected entire communities in Nepal causing significant destruction, loss life and loss of property. Besides, in long term, it might result in adverse financial, social and emotional impact in the communities.

In the meantime, million kids are not able to attend school. Many schools are devastated and will not be reconstructed for a long time now. More importantly, because of being firsthand eyewitness of irremediable catastrophe, children are highly vulnerable to experience severe mental distress and are at risk of post traumatic stress disorder. It may have long term consequences for their social, emotional, behaviroual and academic development.

Therefore, good parenting and teaches’ support are the most important part in fighting the negative effects of trauma. They need to return to normal school routines. These kids need temporary space not just to study but to be safe psycho-socially. They need to be in good atmosphere. It also creates ample chance of preventing the large number of dropout from school. These kids have to be brought back to academic life soon, or their idle mind will be permanently affected and they may drop out of school.

Create an academic foundation, bring back kids from home
Help in developing positive coping strategies to manage emotions and distress
Promote healthy lifestyle, and help to maintain healthy physical and mental development.


Our first attempt was the distributions of  Bag packs with stationary and games to around 400 children at Gatlang village, Rasuwa District

What we need now ?

In short term

We are initially focusing on establishing a temporary school space, dealing with traumatic distress and preventing school dropout. We need following items/things

  • Tents,
  • Bag pack-contains pencil, eraser, sharpener, fairy tale and story book, drawing book, painting book and colors, bag
  • For recreational activities, toys, skipping,
  • Vollyball, football, chess, carom board, ludo, Atlas
  • Volunteer-teacher, counselor

Mid term

After 15 days, we will also focus on hygiene and sanitation, water, food, shelter and other issues

Long term

After two months, we will concentrate in nutritional status of children.

How can you help us ?

You can provide monitory or any logistic supports to us. Every supports will be transparent and accountable.

Project areas

Gatalang, Rasuwa
Battar Nuwakot
Lapilang, Dolakha
Piskar, Sndhupalchok