WASH and Health Care Utilization Survey

26 April, 2016

WASH and  Health Care Utilization Survey going on ...

The Oxford University (UK), Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (Nepal), Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS) and Nepal Family IMG_4739.JPGDevelopment Foundation (NFDF) are jointly conducting a typhoid fever research study (STRATAA) in Lalitpur-Sub metropolitan city. The study aims to find out the burden of typhoid fever, its sources and transmission routes, the effectiveness of currently used drugs and drug resistance.

There are several components or phases of the study – Census, Healthcare Utilization survey (HUS), Passive Surveillance, Sero survey and Index case tracking. In the first phase of this study, which was census, approximately one lakh participants has been enrolled from over 20,000 households in Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan city. The census will be updated in every six months.

For the Healthcare Utilization Survey (HUS), 735 household has been randomly selected from 15 wards of the Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan city. The information about WASH and healthcare seeking behavior is being collected in this phase. The data collection of this HUS has been started from 1st December, 2016 and it is still in progress. Till now, the data collection has already been completed in 11 wards, uploading the data of 544 households. Currently, data collection is being running in ward 5, 17 and 21 respectively, and tentatively we have planned to complete this phase until 16th December, 2016. Furthermore, we have also planned to start our next phase, sero survey, in January, 2017.