Nepal Family Development Foundation (NFDF) is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit making organization, established in 2011 with aim of working in the field of health, education and livelihood of the community and families. The organization works through research, advocacy, publication, social mobilization, rehabilitation and reconstruction in coordination with concern agencies in comprehensive approach.



Develop and conduct the programme of community with their participation and responsibility including the concerned state and non-state at all level in the field of health, education, livelihood and humanitarian works.



Accomplish an educated, healthy and creative life of family and empower the community in to sustainable development with conducive environment for respect and enjoy their human rights.



  • Generate evidence by researches in health and development issues of communities to advocate and design programmes.
  • Carry out livelihood programmes based locally available resources for socioeconomic development of family and communities.
  • Increase the access of family and community to quality health services through empowerment of service providers and community people.
  • Advocate on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Sexuality Education and youth friendly health service
  • Carry out various programmes to discourage the child abuse, exploitation, discrimination (Early marriage and pregnancy, sexual abuse, drug abuse, deprive from school education and advocate for child rights.
  • Advocate and coordinate with the concerned stakeholders for developing and implementing life skills based education for young people.
  • Carry out the rehabilitation and prevention programmes for non-communicable diseases/chronic diseases which have been increasing due to changing social circumstance, different types of conflicts, and sedentary life style.
  • Study on Indigenous healing system/Traditional medicine to develop scientific approach and promote for indigenous medicines for primary health care.
  • Empower communities for livelihood through management and production of local herbs and forest products.
  • Aware community for climate change adaptation and global warming reduction.
  • Support for capacity building of people with disabilities and create environment for utilization of services.
  • Provide humanitarian supports in Epidemic and natural disasters and human right violation. And, advocate for the protection, promotion, and enjoyment of human rights and social justice.