Itinerant Teacher Training Program (Disability Inclusive Education)

Nepal Family Development foundation is running training program for itinerant teachers recruited by Handicap International operating name Humanity & Inclusion (HI) under the SIKAI: Strengthening Inclusive Education in Nepal project, a joint venture of World Vision International Nepal (WVIN) and Humanity & Inclusion (HI). Project SIKAI envisions that Most vulnerable children access and participate equally in education and achieve equitable learning outcomes in basic education which will be achieved through:

  1. Improved inclusive education environment in schools
  2. Communities are more supportive of the education of their most vulnerable children at home and school
  3. Improved function and governance of inclusive education and child protection systems

To fulfil project objective; NFDF involved on a set of activities:

  1. Develop specialised training package:  Training package aimed to build skills and knowledge on inclusive teaching learning methodology and basic daily living skills to support children with hearing, visual and developmental disability either directly to children or through their parent/care giver and teachers. The training package should include basic braille skills and teaching learning methodology for children with visual impairment, basic sign language skills and children with hearing impairment and basic teaching learning methodology for children with developmental disability.
  2. Deliver the specialised training to 3 disability Resource Persons/Itinerant Teacher (Itinerant Teacher is the person who will be mobilized around households, communities, concerned schools, to provide technical support/guidance to children with disabilities, their teachers, caretakers and their parents to improve learning and daily living skills of children with disabilities and different learning needs)
  3.  Provide Teaching learning materials x 3 sets for the participants.

Training is for one month (30days) Starting from September 27th to November 15th 2019.