Data entry contract signed with Patan Hospital

26 April, 2016

NFDF recently completed the task of entering 495979 data from Patan Hospital. The data of microbiology lab of Patan Hospital was previously maintained in a traditional system of record keeping, i.e in the registers in a hand – written format. These stagnant data from 1992 to 2014 were making any study or analysis difficult as one had to go through all the records thoroughly-checking each and every register manually. Thus, there was a dire need to convert these data in electronic format to increase the efficiency of work at the hospital and help in delivering a drug resistance index. Therefore, three different organizations–Oxford University Clinical Research Unit – Patan hospital (OUCRU), Nepal Public Health Foundation and Nepal Family Development foundation(NFDF)-came together to work to convert these data in electronic format. After several meetings, the agreement was made in which NFDF was liable to select human resources and OUCRU, Patan Hospital was accountable to ensure the data entry software and to provide the space for the data entry personnel’s to work.