Establishment and running 18 ward clinic in Lalitpur metropolitan city

26 February, 2019
 Typhoid Vaccine study program (vaccination and immunogenicity study) has been conducted in 19 wards of Lalitpur Metropolitan city about 20000 children between under 16 and above 9 months. In this study, 10000 children have got VI typhoid conjugate vaccines (TCVs)(Tybar) and other 10000 got vaccine against meningitis (MenAfriVac). The first day of vaccination was 20 November 2017 and vaccination was end in 9 April 2018. After completion of vaccination, with the support of metropolitan wards office and ward Health Implementation committee in collaboration of Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS) and Oxford university Clinical Research unit Nepal. Fever clinic was established in each ward with medical officer, Nursing/paramedic and support staff. There are altogether 18 clinics in study ward of metropolitan city. In the fever clinic we provide basic health services to community people especially children with fever. This clinic is operating 5 days in a week from 8 AM to 4 PM. This clinic will operate till 2 years from April 2018. Till on 14 Feb 2019, these clinics look total 6580 patents, among them, 2217 are TyVac participant where 418 meet fever criteria and 173 blood cultures were done.